Industries Served


We have a dedicated team of technology experts who are well versed with healthcare domain. We have successfully developed and delivered healthcare management software where we have digitized entire hospital right from registration to out-patient (OPD) and in-patient department (IPD), billing & electronic medical records (EMR). We also built a digitized online token system for public hospital to optimize patient queuing and ease of patient care. Apart from developing end-to-end ERP platforms for hospitals, we have developed ecommerce platform for health-tech start-up both B2B and B2C.


Developed state of art retail analytics platform which uses big data and Hadoop technologies to churn millions of user data to understand user buying behaviour when user connects to wi-fi in retail stores, malls or coffee shops. Based on the predictive analysis done by the engine, retails can run specific product campaigns and attract their target audience through different deals and offers. This helps retails to increase customer footfalls and eventually their bottom-line. We have also developed several ecommerce applications for retail industry using different technologies and framework for web and mobile applications.


For our automobile clients, we have developed an integrated software platform that takes care of their vehicle inventory, their customer insurance details & their financial/loan related information of all their clients in one platform. Earlier the client had to do all the process manually which was not only slow and tedious process but also costly. It was also prone to lot of errors due to constant manual intervention. On top of it, they had too many physical papers and needed extra storage to save these for future references. By automating this entire work flow, we digitized their entire process including providing them with a document management system to store their document in digitized form. Apart from such ERP, we have developed mobile apps for our clients in automobile industry for scheduling and paying for automobile services.

Real Estate

MuGenesys was the very first to work on a real-estate solution that involved buying and selling through beacon technology specifically for US market. Platform developed by us was integrated with MLS system of US which has millions of data on homes which are available in the market. We had developed a backend application and both iOS and android application which was integrated with beacons. When any users drive by any neighbourhood, these beacons would chirp users notifying them on specific houses on the market for sale.

Gaming and Entertainment

Our team has extensive experience in gaming space. We have developed gaming software for casinos and mobile games on cricket fantasy leagues as well as social gaming. We have also digitized several casinos with our integrated casino management system. This includes automating ticketing system, package selection, transportation booking and several other tasks which are part of casino management work flow. We also developed MIS reports and dashboards which displays revenues, profit and loss on real-time and the number of visitors.

Food and Beverages

We have developed web and mobile applications for several our clients in food and beverages industry. We initially started with creating online presence for these clients by developing an attractive website so they can market themselves. Then we developed mobile apps to take their online orders which was integrated with their kitchen and point-of-sale (POS) to manage their online food ordering and delivery process.


Developing fin-tech application is one of core competency. Right from our first project, we have completed several projects for our clients in this industry. Have developed payment gateways, API integration, trading platforms, accounting software and many other such applications which work on ultra-low latency and have to be secure from any data or financial loss. Also developed customized document management system to upload their confidential data using software-as-a-service (Saas) service offering.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

We have developed a platform specifically to manage human capital management and HR related challenges in any organization. This platform is a collaborative tool that gives visibility on employee and organizational operation efficiencies. It has details for all functions and levels in the organization. Organization can check real-time revenues, sales, expenses and profit-loss. Other modules which are integrated are employee management, leave, attendance, shift, payroll, expense, vendor, project and task, asset, performance and onboarding management. We have also in-built chat application so that your organization’s confidential data remains within your intranet and not in public space. This software really helps to lower your cost of ownership and improves employee morale.


Over the years, we have worked with several departments in government and developed customized products for these departments. We have developed software for public hospitals, public grievance departments, law and order department where we had an opportunity to digital and improve their day to day interactions with the citizens.