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About the Client

The client is publicly traded enterprise organization headquartered in India. It’s a global MNC with strong foothold across 22 countries and worldwide employee strength of over 2000. Technology, accounting, bookkeeping, FMCG, broking, and hospitality being some of their major business forays.

Business Challenges

Client over the years ended up acquiring several software tools and as their organization grew, they had major difficulty utilizing the true potential of technology as well as managing disparate tools. This primarily happened due to lack of business visibility and their understanding of how to truly harness the power of technology resulting into operational inefficiencies, high cost of ownership and lower employee productivity. Lot of tasks which could be automated were done manually such as asset and inventory management or vendor management. This caused additional overhead including CAPEX and OPEX. Also, lack of support of these disparate software tools on mobile devices restricted their ability to access information anytime, anywhere.

Project Goals

Client was presented with an idea of developing an integrated software platform that can eliminate the need of having 7 disparate tools, thus addressing the challenges mentioned above. This integrated software platform, would be the de-facto platform for all their business functions globally. Based on their business requirements, following goals were identified: The client expressed the need for an integrated software platform that could help them:

  • All data and information should be accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Effortlessly access repository of all employment data to increase employee productivity and inefficiencies.
  • Reduce the cost of software ownership through developing a customized platform to meet the requirements of every business functions.
  • Easy to use interface for every level in the organization
  • Automate Asset and vendor management
  • Secure and integrated CHAT platform
  • MIS for tracking business growth
  • Cloud based secure and scalable platform to support future growth

Why choose Mugenesys?

We are a team of software professionals with extensive experience in the field of customized software development. Our team was quickly able to understand the business requirements and propose a solution that not only addressed their current issues but also enable them for future growth keeping all the business goals in mind. Why they choose us over other vendors is because of our methodical approach, transparency with the stakeholders and commitment towards their vision, strategy and GO LIVE date. We believed in “under committing and over delivering”.

Team and Methodology

Given the landscape of this project, a highly technical team was formed. There was a project manager (scrum master), business analyst, solution architect and 4 backend developers, 1 database lead,4 frontend developers and 2 quality analyst. We used AGILE methodology and created user stories with weekly milestones. All the work was tracked through JIRA.

Applied Technologies




Mobile Technologies


There were several challenges during the course of development of this integrated platform:

  • Information gathering and use case understanding for all levels in the organization
  • Resistance to change and getting approvals from functional leaders
  • Frequent requirement changes and shuffling of priorities
  • Coordination with different verticals of the organization to bring all stakeholders on one page
  • Indecisive stakeholders / Absence of timely decision-making abilities
  • Understanding and learning of disparate tools in their organization

Solution Implemented

Based on the extensive requirement gathering process and sign off from the client, we kicked off the development process. Owners were assigned for each modules and project was tracked as per the sprint milestones. We completed the entire product development in a period of 6 months and the following modules were delivered:

  • Recruitment and onboarding management
  • Vendor Management
  • CHAT
  • Web, iOS and Android application
  • Admin
  • Reports and MIS
  • Role based access control
  • Attendance management with bio-matrix and beacon integration
  • Leave management
  • Employee Shift management
  • Payroll management including taxation and regulatory compliance
  • Project and Task management
  • Asset management
  • Expenses management


Through this process, client has tremendous benefits for their day-to-day operations

  • In-depth visibility on tracking projects, tasks and man hours including the cost incurred on each project
  • Single pane of glass for all employee actions – request & approval process
  • Customized dashboards for all levels in the organization for data insights
  • Mobility which enabled data access – anywhere, anytime
  • Real-time insights into organization expenses, profit and loss department wise as well as leaders and manager level
  • Cloud based secure and scalable
  • Low cost of ownership of managing and maintaining integrated platform versus disparate tools
  • Secure CHAT for intra-communication Information available real-time with a click of a button
50% Cost Save
5000 Active
20000+ Attendance
Records Processed
10000+ Payroll

Client's Experience

Client has been using this integrated platform for quite sometime now, with minimal or no disruption so far. They have discontinued all other tools and use this unified platform as a core software platform for all their needs. This platform has resulted in tremendous cost savings as well as improved operational efficiency due to entire process automated instead of manual intervention.