Digitized Queue Management

Comprehensive Hospital Management Platform

  • 2000

    Out-Patients Daily

  • 250

    Bed Hospital

About the Client

The client, an auxiliary wing of the renowned Government Medical College (GMC), is a super specialty hospital that encompasses and provides comprehensive health care. Client is a 250-bed hospital and serves over 2000 out-patients daily. Our client offers healthcare services in Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Nephrology, Radiodiagnosis, and Gastroenterology amongst the many others.

  • Lack of efficient queue management system to control their large out-patient department (OPD) crowd
  • Lack of comprehensive hospital management system resulting in:
    • No proper patient records for in-patients (IPD) and out-patients (OPD)
    • Lack of electronic medical records (EMR)
    • Inability to transfer patient records within departments
  • Lack of online document management system
  • Lack of online document management system
  • No online presence and the inability to store electronic forms of
    medical records

Solutions Implemented

Looking into the needs of the client, our team had created a comprehensive hospital management system. The structure was a web-based software system that helped manage the various complicated processes and workflows that were inherent to the regular working of the hospital. It provided interfaces for the various stakeholders of the hospital to capture, access, manage and report information about every single aspect of the hospital’s functioning.

The system had an added layer of technology – the digital token system that reduced the commotion of the OPD patients. The patients would be comfortably seated in the waiting lounge, lined with LED panels that would call out the token numbers and guide them to the room with the concerned doctor. These panels were set up in three languages Hindi, English and Marathi to
cater to all kinds of people.

The system eradicated any scope for human errors, that were possible in the old, manual method of hospital management, making the flow of the work more efficient. Every process on the system was automated, reducing the possibility of mistakes significantly. All departments in the hospital were interconnected and integrated with this automation, enhancing the patient care quality as well as the hospital’s turnover. For example, an OPD patient consulting a doctor from the orthopedic department, was requested for a X-Ray, a request stating the exact requirement and specifics was then internally sent to the radiology team under the patient’s unique hospital ID, making the process faster, easier and full-proof.

Since there was a huge load of data generated daily, managing it in the conventional method is simply impossible. Patient records, treatment records, investigation reports, diagnosis reports, billing, inventory and hundreds of other pieces make the situation out of control. An integrated, centralized document management system that recorded and retrieved information in just a few clicks. Since the reference point was common, there was no ambiguity or duplication in data.

As part of digitization, our team also delivered a hospital website that gave detailed information about all the hospital departments, working hours, doctor information and so forth.

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  • The hospital management system helped gain over 2,00,000 registrations every month since it was set up.
  • It kept data at a centralized location, offering the interface to extract and retrieve the information10 times faster, increasing the productivity.
  • The operational efficiency was increased by 40%.
  • The website not only provided the patients with information about every department and doctor at the hospital but also provided news and career options to prospects.
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